Hematite; the ore that contains iron

-----By: Wan Kyu and Kaung-----
Iron, Aluminum, Titanium, Tin, these are what we use almost every single day. But what and where do they come from? I'm going to tell you what ores are and what the ores contain in them.

What are Ores?
- Ore is a mineral that contains a useful substance that can be mined at a profit.

Hematite, is one type of an ore. It contains the substance, Iron. As you know, iron is used almost everywhere. Frying pans, bridges, fences, ships, etc. Magnetite is another ore that contains iron as well.
Bauxite, is another type of an ore. It contains the substance, aluminum.

-Aluminum is refined from its ore, bauxite. During the process of refining, the aluminum oxide power is separated from unwanted materials in the bauxite. Then the aluminum oxide powder converts to molten aluminum by a process called smelting.
Bauxite; the ore that contains Aluminum
Magnetite; the ore that contains iron

(refine - purify)
(molten – melted)

How are the Ores Mined?
Strip Mining

1) Trees or bushes pushed away by bulldozer
Strip Mining

2) The wastes (sand, trees etc) dumped
3) Drill small holes above the ores.
4) Put explosives in the hole, and blasted
5) The ore is found
6) The mining is done in strips of land. After done with mining the strip of land, they go on to the next strip and restart the process all over.

This process is also used to search for gems

Another way is Open-pit mining. The definition of Open pit mining is; a cut made at the surface of the ground for the purpose of extracting ore and which is open to the surface for the duration of the mine’s life.
The steps to Open-pit mining are similar to Strip mining.
1) The soil pushed away to expose the hard ground
2) Then they dig up the ground to access the mineral ores.
3) They drill holes in the rocks to create series of benches to prevent the walls of the pit to fall

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