The Rock Cycle By: Fumika, Jeoung Woo & Mi Jin

As many people know the rock cycle never ends. It is a cycle in which it includes the 3 main rocks. We all know that the rock cycle is very important to man-kind. We all use it for something, for example......Pebble throwing in the lake with flat rocks, hop-scotch, making fires, your marble floor, and so on. But did you ever think how they were formed? If you don’t, then you don’t have to worry about it. You came to the right place to know what the rock cycle is all about. With no further or do we all hope you understand the information we give you on this page

There are about 3 main types of rocks that form the rock cycle. The rock cycle is made of Metamorphic, Sedimentary, and Igneous rocks. The Metamorphic rocks are formed under the earth’s surface. They have ribbon like layers and may have shiny crystals. The shiny crystals in the metamorphic rocks are formed by minerals forming over the surface.

The Sedimentary rocks are formed by sand, pebbles, shells and other small materials. Sedimentary is broken into pebbles by weather and it is carried away by the erosion. The sediments are carried into water and form as pebbles. The sedimentary form flat layers and sediments can form solid rocks.

Igneous rock are either formed on the surface or underground. When the volcanoes magma cools it forms igneous rocks. Igneous rocks are made with 2 or more minerals. Igneous rocks are found that they don’t usually have layers and they maybe dark colored or light colored.

Some rocks that get into erosion and weathering turns into sediments. The sediments are tooken by water or air and it makes layers in the water or in different places. In time the sediments would go into a sedimentary rock and then the sedimentary rocks would turn into a Metamorphic Rock when it takes contact with magma. The rock would boil in 300 - 700 degrees and when a volcano would erupt the the metamorphic rock would cool down in the surface or underground. It would turn into a igneous rock, then it would keep going on and it would go on as a cycle and which is the rock cycle.

Igneous rock /granite
Metamorphic rocks are made by heat and pressure.

Sedimentary rocks are made by compaction and cementation.
Igneous rocks are made by cooling from magma. Cools very fast from the surface or underground (occurs very slowly).